Thursday, October 19, 2006

Planet Of The Apes #15

One of the coolest things Marvel Comics did in the 1970's was put out a series of black and white magazines that dealt with subject matter a little different from the normal super hero comics they put out. My favorite was Planet Of The Apes. It debuted right at the height of Ape mania in 1974. It usually consisted of two stories, one new tale and an adaptation of one of the five Ape films. This particular issue, cover dated December, 1975, featured a really nice painted cover by Bob Larkin and interior art by Tom Sutton and Rico Rival. You've gotta love the caption Ape And Human United Against Mutated Monsters. Doug Moench wrote both stories in this issue. The series was edited by the great Archie Goodwin. The series lasted 29 issues and is a great example of the kind of quality Marvel was putting in its B&W line.

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