Wednesday, October 4, 2006

All Star Comics #22

The Justice Society was the first super hero group created during the Golden Age Of Comics. Created by prolific writer Gardner Fox, the JSA appeared in issues #'s 3-57 of All Star Comics. This particular issue is an example of why the JSA was so groundbreaking for its time. This tale of religious tolerance was way ahead of its time. With art by Sheldon Moldoff, Stan Aschmeier, Joe Gallagher, and Bernard Baily, this issue was a real winner during the fall of 1944. Reprinted in All Star Archives Volume 5. This archive series is highly recommended. Volumes 0-11 reprints the entire JSA run and is a very fun read. They also give us looks at very early work by future legends Joe Kubert and Carmine Infantino. Also recommended is Roy Thomas' excellent All Star Companion from Twomorrows Publishing.

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