Thursday, October 26, 2006

Giant-Size Man-Thing #2

We conclude our look at 70's Marvel horror by taking a look at perhaps the greatest title a comic ever had. Giant-Size Man-Thing lasted 4 issues in 1974-75 and featured Marvel's answer to DC's Swamp Thing (although both characters were created at about the same time). This cover was by my favorite Marvel artist, John Buscema, who also did the interior art on the main story from a script by the underrated Steve Gerber (who created my favorite animated hero, Thundarr The Barbarian). The story had to do with Man-Thing going berserk in New York. That's all you really need, isn't it? This issue also contains reprints from the great Atlas monster books of the 50's by such greats as Jack "King" Kirby, Don Heck, and Bob Powell. Not a bad value for 50 cents, huh?

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