Wednesday, October 4, 2006

Star Wars #15

This is one of my favorite covers from the fondly remembered Marvel Star Wars series. The House Of Ideas aquired the rights to George Lucas' space epic before the film even came out in 1977. Editor Roy Thomas wrote the adaptation using stills and an early version of the script. With art by Howard Chaykin, the adaptation whetted SF and comics fans' apetite for the movie. This particular cover by the amazing Carmine Infantino was probably my favorite of the whole run. Infantino was a master at cover design and his abilities are quite evident here. The spacing of the characters amid the backdrop of the massive Star Destroyer are riveting. Infantino also did the interior art of this issue inked by the prolific Terry Austin. Austin's understated inks kept Carmine's unique style intact. His style was so different from what I liked as a kid that I wasn't real crazy about the art at the time. However, I really like it now. It's really different and it gives the characters a different look which I think works really well. Script by the consistently good Archie Goodwin. From September, 1978.

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