Sunday, October 8, 2006

The Composite Superman

One of the coolest characters in the Silver Age Of Comics was introduced with this nice Curt Swan cover in World's Finest #142. The Composite Superman had the combined powers of all the Legion Of Super Heroes and provided a formidable foe for Superman and Batman. As a little kid, I was very impressed with the character design, half-Superman and Half-Batman with a green face like Brainiac 5. I loved the Legion and I loved Swan so this was a no brainer. Written by Edmond Hamilton and pencils by Swan and inks by George Klein (part 1) and Sheldon Moldoff (part 2), this book came out in June, 1964 and was reprinted in World's Finest #223 (February, 1974) and DC Special #23 (February 1981). DC Direct also put out a beautiful action figure a couple of years ago. The sculpt looks amazingly like a Swan drawing. It's a must have figure, one of the best they've ever done.

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