Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Tales From The Crypt #27

With Halloween fast approaching, I decided to post some of my favorite horror covers from the past 50 years or so. I'll start with this beauty from January, 1952. Tales From The Crypt was one of the first and best comics dealing with the macabre. Published by the lengendary EC Comics, this book thrilled and chilled many a comic reading kid of the '50's. This cover was by the very talented Wally Wood, who had a real flair for the genre. This particular issue featured five stories with great titles like "Well-Cooked Hams" and "Horror! Head...It Off" All stories in this issue were written by Al Feidstein with art by Jack Davis, Joe Orlando, Jack Kamen, and "Ghastly" Graham Ingels. Unfortunately, the paranoia generated by Dr. Fredric Wertham's book Seduction Of The Innocent brought an end to great comics like these. But they still live on in the minds of those lucky enough to have read them.

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