Monday, October 2, 2006

Vacation In Disneyland (1965)

I thought today I'd combine two of my favorite things, comics and Disneyland. Ever since the park opened in 1955, there have been comics celebrating Walt Disney's original (and in my opinion, only one that matters) Happiest Place On Earth. This particular issue was put out in 1965 to celebrate the ten year anniversary of the park. Most of the stories would center on the Disney characters enjoying the many fun attractions the park had to offer like the Skyway pictured on the cover. They served as good promotion for the park. I'm sure many little kids after reading about Mickey riding the Matterhorn would bug their parents until they agreed to go to the park for summer vacation. It would be cool to see a new comic devoted to the park but knowing Disney, they'd probably set it in Florida. Oh well, at least we have this beauty and others like it to show how great the original Disneyland was.

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